We're thrilled on the direction we're heading with our Shopify Xero Integration app (SXI). SXI is an all-you-need* Shopify app to use to manage and run your accounting business along with your Xero account.


SXI first started out to sync your orders with Xero but we didn't stopped there. We thought an "accounting" app should do just more than to sync or sync while you sleep. We wanted to do more, we wanted to keep our customers updated at all times where possible so we added Messaging. Messaging uses a chat-style with emailing in one. When you install our app, we assign a unique email address to your account: "your shop name + our domain", ie, good-store@sxi.mayneweb.com. This is used to send and receive email, to your customers, from our app. Your customers only need to reply or send you an email using their preferred email client, ie, Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail etc to the email address we assigned to you.

Personalisation is import to email so you can add your favourite signature to an email or message before sending your customers a message. Let's call it message from now on 😉. When you receive a message, it shows in a timeline-style-chat, somewhat same as the Shopify's Timeline which you may have already noticed:

A conversation between store owner and customer
Timeline-style messaging

Vice versa contacts syncing

Our customers live in two places, in Shopify and in your accounting software. In our case, Xero. Our source of truth is located at Shopify. When an order is made, a new customer is created or updated. With SXI, when you sync your customers, we update your contacts in Xero automatically. We also do other internal checks to create or update customers in Shopify that you've imported from Xero. To achieve this, you must first import customers both from Shopify and Xero (in any order) then you sync your customers across with just a button click.

Screenshot of our customer import feature
Screenshot of our customer import feature

To ensure there're no issues, there must be a uniqueness for your customers; all customers must have a unique email address. In Xero, two or more customers can share the same email address which is bad in our case. We ask that you make these changes before syncing your customers as we use the first matching customer from Xero as the matching customer from Shopify.

*This is just the beginning of what we have in store for SXI. If you'd like to stay up to date on what we're working, feel free to subscribe below, or watch our public board.

You can try out these features at anytime by becoming a tester when you install our app from here.

Fun fact: One of our testers pronounced SXI as "sexy" when we pronounced it as S.X.I 🤗 We'll make our app beautiful and "sexy".