As we approach the release of our app Shopify Xero Integration (SXI), we've decided on making our process, plans and roadmap public 🌎. I like the thought of being "open" and "transparent". Therefore, we will strive to be a transparent business.

My love for this app was thought about many years ago. Years before most similar apps made available on the Shopify app store or on the Xero app marketplace. With the lack of knowledge on the use of APIs, this has put a hold on development.

In 2019, this year, I was about to delete few side projects that I was working on and one stood out in which I decided to have another look into (SXI). It turned out I was able to code in blocks: features, then take things step by step. While before, I wanted to create an app that would take many months for someone in a full-time employment and with little knowledge on APIs. So today, I've built an app that works manually.


It's 2019, I know 😒Few steps are needed before I would start the automatic process (sync from Shopify to Xero). The process would be in this order:

  • Developer testing with actual users
  • Become a Xero app partner (includes their testing etc)
  • Create both Terms and Privacy web pages
  • Release on the Shopify app store
  • Implement automatic sync (disables by default)*
  • More developer testing
  • Charge a basic temp fee of $9.99 p/m
  • Implement requested features
  • Charge full price of $49.99⁺ p/m (Nothing will be limited)

* For me, I like the flexibility with an order. I should be able to make adjustments to an order before sending it off to Xero. Customers would then have to option to enable this feature. What would happen if an order was already created in Xero before using this app? A double invoice right? By manual, you'll have the option to state whether or not this order should be sent off to Xero.

Trello, our public place

A note I had with my side project stated that all users should publicly see all submitted issues, planned features and a place where all information are made public. Trello was the correct fit in this case.

Useful information will be populated once we have movement with our app.

Would you like be a part of our testing? You're always welcome for current and future features by sending me a DM via Twitter πŸ€—

⁺Price may increase or decrease; just an estimated value at the current time of writing this post.