All you need is time to reflect on your personal failures or achievements to realise just how much you're worth. A cup of coffee can slap you smartly in the face only for you to realise just that.

In my previous post I talked about doing a series of blog posts to demonstrate how to create a NI contribution calculator. While meditating, I got distracted by trying out Adobe XD for the first time. I got so distracted that I started to create/prototype an actual app I had for a Timesheet; I call it Timesheet UK.

Prototype done in Adobe XD

Timesheet UK

An app for the UK self-employed who wants to know their exact take home amount, after tax, after doing a piece of work for their client. See how much tax they're paying vs what they really will be taking home as profit. Not only a visual app but an app with an accurate tax reminder: "£4000 is due on or before the 3rd of April. Please click here to submit your 2017-2018 tax return". Cool, right?

It all started off as a simple calculator for personal use. Few years ago I was a self employed computer technician and a "sparky" electrician. Without the financial support for an accountant, I started to do things on my own. Let me tell you, I was slapped with so many fines with red and white letters from HMRC that led me in depression for months. Have you ever seen or received a red and while letter before? Those are typically a final warning letter 😬 Scary!

Enough was enough, with the "million and one" fines, my journey started to learn how HMRC calculate taxes. Looking at their formula, I converted the calculations into Swift, a language to build iOS apps, at first. There, I understand how taxes and expenses worked. I'm in no way shape nor form an accountant.

My first mockup is a prototype I wanted to build, test then launch as version one. It will be very basic:

  1. Calculate UK Taxes
  2. Create, Read and Update Timesheets
  3. Email Timesheets
  4. Track hours worked

What I would like?

  1. A one-click tax return
  2. In-app chat with an accountant
  3. Convert timesheet into invoice
  4. Add a payment button to an invoice

That would be the roadmap for this little project. For now, I'll talk about the design process and what I've learnt making this app. I'm still not sure if I should use React Native or Swift/Xcode to build this out. I'd like to launch to both platforms, iPhone and Android users. As usual, I'll figure this out sooner or later. Until then, ✌🏼